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Background of Children’ ministry in Kigali Diocese

Children’s ministry operates under the Youth and Children’s department of the Diocese of Kigali.

Initially under the Mothers’ union department, children’s ministry was last year relocated to the Youth department which immediately changed its name to Youth and Children’s department in February 2013 after the appointment of Children’s worker.

But some children’s ministry was done last year (2012) through the partnership of the Youth department and the Liz Gregory Smith in Bugesera archdeaconry where around 80 Sunday school teachers in 3 deaneries were trained in preparation of lessons, preparation of children’s meetings and team work.

The children’s ministry office was charged with 2 main tasks:

·         To develop a clear and determined vision of children’s ministry in Kigali Diocese.

·      To design a concrete program of actions for children’s ministry for the next coming years for all diocesan levels.

 ·       To establish an effective structure of the diocesan children’s ministry that can support all diocesan levels to realize the program.


Vision: of Kigali Diocese for the youth and Children

Envisioning and empowering congregations across Kigali diocese to effectively preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to our children using relevant approaches; and maturing them as Christians who shall make a difference in their societies and churches. 


 The mission of Children’s Ministries’ leaders and teachers is to reach out to children and draw them into a loving, productive and lasting relationship with Jesus Christ and with their church and to train, resource, and support those who minister to children 




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