Youth weeks & Sundays

Youth Sundays and youth weeks

Youth weeks and youth Sundays are special occasions that EAR Kigali Diocese has given to young people to develop their talents and to have a platform to minister to their whole congregations.
Photo: A choir of Anglican students from Kabuga High school is one among many groups that celebrated the youth Sunday in April 2012 in Ruhanga parish.
Youth Sundays: Since the beginning of 2012, the youth Sundays happen during each school holiday three times a year.
In each congregation, only youths do all church activities from leading fellowship meetings, preaching and welcoming visitors. In addition to these, more youthful activities are organized that usually end with a concert or a celebration. The Youth Department organizes the dates for Youth Sundays to happen, chooses a theme to be used throughout the whole diocese and communicates them to congregations ahead of time.

Youth weeks: Youth weeks however, they happen only once a year and last for seven days. They are characterized by evangelism outreach, social work and entertainments such as sports competitions and so forth. There are lots of stories and moving testimonies of the lives changed, many houses built for poor families and revitalization of youth work in many of our congregations.

The first youth Sundays already took place on the 15th April 2012 and the 26th August 2012.
The first youth week took place from the 21st to the 26th of August.
(The Church in Ruhanga parish was full of enthousiastic people on the youth Sunday). The young people were proud and thankful to have got time to minister to the congregation. On the other hand, church leaders were surprised by the organizational skills of young people who made this Sunday a marvelously organized one. They have a lot of potential, we ought to give them more time rather than 3 times a year.

(For the parishes in Kigali archdeaconry, about 80 young people visited the genocide museum where bodies of 250,000 victims of the 1994 genocide are buried. They had a time visit different parts of the museum and learn about the horrible history of our country, they also heard testimonies of forgiveness and prayed together.) The theme used was "Learning from the history to build a brighter future."

(The youth in Maranyundo parish making mud bricks to build a house for a vulnerable family. It was during a youth week in August 2012.)

The upcoming youth Sunday will be celebrated on the 2nd December 2012.

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