Our upcoming events include:

30th November to 8th December We are planning to have a teens camp. This camp organized by a Christian ministry called 3DCC in which we partner with Christians of different denominations; 3DCC has already organized more than 7 camps; We have done 3 Forma’Camp camps there, 1 pastors’ kids camp and 2 Teens Camp so this will be our 7th camp to take place at Bihembe since the Anglican Church/ Kigali Diocese devoted this former Technical school for the use of Youth camps and youth retreats. This camp site is still under renovation.

The camp's dates are scheduled from the 30th November till 8th December. Invited are teenagers ( 14 years old till 18 years old) Registration is going on;

 For more information: http://3dchristiancamps.weebly.com/



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Nezerwa website is run by the Youth Department of the Anglican Diocese of Kigali in collaboration with a team of young people, who volunteer their time and skills to make sure that this website is up, running and up to date. We call them the media team.

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