Our Vision

Our Vision

The Vision of Kigali  Diocese for the Youth: Envisioning and empowering congregations across Kigali diocese to effectively preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to our young people using relevant approaches; and maturing them as Christians who shall make a difference in their societies and churches.
Our working principles are based on the scripture found in Mark 6:34-44. In this passage we see Jesus having compassion on the large crowd because they were like a sheep without a shepherd and started teaching them many things despite the fact that he and his disciples were tired and thought they needed rest.

When his disciples realized these people needed something to eat, they became concerned and asked Jesus to send them away. Surprisingly, Jesus asked them to feed the crowd with the food they already had “Five loaves of bread and two fish.”Jesus prayed for the available food and asked the discipleship to share it among people.
Compassion: There are many young people in our congregations and communities who are like sheep without a shepherd, no doubt Jesus has compassion on them and so should we.
Being concerned: When the disciples realized the big need that people had they became concerned, we believe that the more people realize the needs of the youth they shall become concerned.
Feed them yourselves: Although it seemed impossible for the disciples to feed the crowd with their limited food, it was possible to feed 5,000 when they accepted to obey Jesus. In the same manner, we believe that those who become concerned about the needs of the youth and obey the call of Jesus, shall minister to multitudes of young people even if they have very limited resources.



This portrait was produced by Kees;  our Dutch friends in order to help everyone grasp the meaning of our youth ministry. We are truly indebted to him.







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Nezerwa website is run by the Youth Department of the Anglican Diocese of Kigali in collaboration with a team of young people, who volunteer their time and skills to make sure that this website is up, running and up to date. We call them the media team.

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