Our Objectives

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Our working principles and activities are guided by the following activities: 

Objective 1: Raising awareness among congregations on the importance, the cost of a good

youth work. To continuosly make our youths and congregations are aware of what we need,

trainings, increase in quality and quantity of Sunday school teachers, proper and strong students'

work, etc.

Various forms of multimedia communication shall be used (a website, facebook, a youth magazine

will be sent out twice a year as usual. Furthermore,we will continue to work with mothers and father's

union to teach the young ones before they become adults( junior fathers and mothers).


 Objective 2: Leadership development and holistic empowerment:

As a result of a youth union campaign done with the help of volunteers in all 41 parishes, atleast 2000

youths are going to enroll. There is now a uniform leadership structure of youth unions with 7 positions

lasting for 3 years where each youth leader will work best to ensure his/her field they have reached

their goals according to their job description.

We hope this approach will help us produce good leaders as it offers them a clear platform to pr.actice

their leadership skills. Their involvement will give them roles in the areas of descipleship; evangelism,

job creation, social work as weill as the ability to mentor their young brothers and sisters (teenagers).

This aproach will help us raise confident leaders and preachers and will faciliate the sharing of

information as well as of reports; hence monitoring of youth activities will be made easier.


Objective 3: Development of our children's ministry.

In year 2015, our main focus will be producing and availing literature resources; the use of a third

cirriculum booklet for the age group of 10 to 13 will be launched and trainings on this booklet will be

conducted. We shall establish children ministers' fellowship at the archideaconary and parish level.

We shall continue to recruit Sunday school teachers; we shall organize children out reach events in

our pilot parishes (kids songs evangelistic competiton and Bible memorising verses competition).


Objective 4: Strengthening our students ministry: We will continue to work with three groups of

Anglican university students which have about 300 members while providing leadership training

seminars and evangelistic conventions. We shall help start a new Anglican students group in one of

Kigali neighbouring campuses called ULK. We aim at equipping these university students in order to

reach out with the gospel to their peers, to be mentors and be role models for the teenagers found in

secondary shools we work with. Our volunteers grouped into the Back to School Ministry will betrained

and equipped to carry out pastoral and discipleship visits to 14 different schools. On the other hand

we will continue to envision and advise neighboring local churches and students groups on how they

can integrate them and serve each other. Each parish will be charged with the responsibility to look

after the students whose school lie in its periphery.


Objective 5: To mobilize the needed assets for our ministry to be effective.

As many youth are now registrering to join youth unions better named EAR/OK Youth Unionwe will

closely mobilise youth members to raise funds for their planned activities and also learn how to save

for future. We shall also continue to mobilise churches to give towards youth activities with its

offerings. Youth unions shall also serve as a benchmark to empower young people into Godly wealth


On the diocesan level; we shall continue making use of the property of Bihembe,and use this place as

a youth centre for different youth works such as trainings and camps. The land in Rwinume is also

another valuable possession for youth in Kigali diocese.






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