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Our Vision The Vision of Kigali  Diocese for the Youth: Envisioning and empowering congregations across Kigali diocese to effectively preach the Gospel of our...

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      Our working principles and activities are guided by the following activities:  Objective 1: Raising awareness among congregations on the importance, the cost...

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1.    Background of Youths Union in Kigali Diocese: With the aim to consolidate the efforts and talents of young people in Kigali Diocese, The youths...

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             INTRODUCTION Background of Children’ ministry in Kigali Diocese Children’s ministry operates under the Youth and Children’s department of the...

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Background of Youth Unions Written by Super User 3756


  • Background of Youth Unions

    1.    Background of Youths Union in Kigali Diocese:

    With the aim to consolidate the efforts and talents of young people in Kigali Diocese, The youths came up with the idea to start an association grouping all Anglican young people in our Diocese.
    This association will operate more or less similarly like the Mothers' Union does; although the only difference will be the fact that the youth union will focus on a younger age and on both genders. We hope that the enrolled Youths Union members will be thoroughly taught about the Christian faith, the church belief and will have the same vision and goals in the whole diocese.

    Furthermore this association will promote the spirit of ownership among our young ones as well as offer a platform for them to contribute to the expansion of God's kingdom in their localities. There will a common uniform for Youths Union members and the same leadership style across the whole Anglican Diocese of Kigali.   

    2.    Goals:
    I.    Establishment of a wide range of christian activities benefiting the youths of every walk of life.
    II.    Providing a platform for spiritual and personal development for our young people.
    III.    Equipping the youth with the skills to read the word of God, to preach, to serve the needy, to be involved in the development of the church and country hence leading to a strong discipleship.
    IV.    Church ownership.

    3.    Our Key verse: Colossians 3: 17 “Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father.”

    4.    Who will be part of the Youths Union? 
    I.    Every unmarried young Anglican aged from 13 years till 35 years old who is baptized and commissioned as the member of this organization.  Those who are married will be encouraged to join the Mothers’ Union and the Fathers’ Union.
    II.    The Youths Union will also be recruiting Sunday school leavers at each annual graduation ceremony as it is a custom in Kigali Diocese.

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